Who we are
KUNKAI is a China-base company offering global sourcing,manufacturing and logistic services for metal castings with highly qualified affiliates around the world and nearly 15 years of supply chain management experience. we can help you navigate the business and cultural lanscape while avoiding the potential pitfalls of global trade. Our team has decades of combined experience, including:
Developing foundries from the ground up to meet our customers high-quality standards .
Choosing strategic manufacturing location and multiple sources to mitigate risk and maximize performance to provide daily project management and engineering support.
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Let KUNKAI be your go-to problem solver. Tailored Solutions

Global team ensures that cost, quality, and delivery expectations are met
Support staff within our network foundry affiliates help us streamline problem solving, encourage process improvements, confirm product quality, secure competitive shipping rates, and quickly respond to consumer requests Vendor managed inventory (VMI) solutions that deliver your products on time to your manufacturing floor

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KUNKAI staff is there for you 24/7 around the globe. Hassle-Free Logistics

Deep freight-forwarding relationships spanning ocean, rail, truck and air freight - from FCL to smaller limited quantity shipments Tailored door-to-door logistics management and JIT global delivery through our network of VMI warehouses Staff are available 24/7 to answer questions and keep projects movin
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KUNKAI consistently delivers high quality and cost-effective products. Cost-Effective Quality

Identification, inspection, audit, and selection of qualified manufacturers Employing a staff of ZZKUNKAI engineers who provide daily on-site project management, problem solving, and engineering support on the ground at our network manufacturers Validating that all ZZKUNKAI products satisfy customer-specified dimensional requirements via functional gauging, CMM, and other dimensional inspection techniques Constantly working to improve packaging, product design, and process controls Providing a full range of chemical, metallurgical, and mechanical testing services

Let ZZKUNKAI simplify your supply chain.
Risk Mitigation
Mitigating risk and strengthening your procurement team by tailoring solutions for a broad array of logistics, quality, and engineering requirements Assist in capitalizing on opportunities to avoid the pitfalls that can occur with off-shore supply chains